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About Us

The Hydrogen Technologies Center (HTC) is a recently established research and development center combining the competences of the research teams at Gdańsk University of Technology (Gdańsk Tech). Research in the field of hydrogen technologies has been very active at Gdańsk Tech for more than 20 years and involves approximately 50 researchers. In the past, research groups worked separately, and activities were scattered. HTC provides a university-wide, horizontal platform for synergistic research with applied and industrial scope. With local potential for the integration of wind, solar and hydrogen resources, Gdańsk is well positioned to play an important role in the future hydrogen economy in Poland. Through integration, HTC aims to provide the local and national industry with expertise required for the coming hydrogen energy transition. Research activities are focused on chemical processes for syngas production from waste streams, catalyst development methanol/DME synthesis, electrical characterization of PEM fuel cells, materials development, and device characterization within the SOFC/SOEC technology. HTC members actively seek external collaborators, including research and industrial partners.

Contact: Prof. Jacek Gębicki

Email: jacgebic@pg.edu.pl

www: ctw.pg.edu.pl